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Consultant, coach, adviser ... call us what you will ... we are business improvement specialists. Our job is to decrease the time it takes YOU to go from idea, to lead to payday.

We help you succeed ... here's how

We understand that you may have an immediate goal that needs to be reached. Whether it is simple or complex, it requires a solid approach, proper attention and prompt resolution.

We also understand that sometimes initial requirements are loosely defined. We help you identify and define the issues and opportunities, then articulate the best total solutions. By identifying and understanding your broad needs, rather than just the immediate issue, we provide insight and guidance for your growth and success.

We have a simple goal ... here's it is:

"To get you to where you want to be faster than you can get there by yourself."

If that resonates with you ... give us a call.

We have expertise in lean transformations, lead generation, marketing strategy. We introduce software applications that make our clients business run better. Tired of initiatives that don't produce? Lets talk about how our different approach can produce a pleasantly surprising different result for your business.

We specialize in operations, marketing, product development, human potential and projects. That means we know about lean thinking, value streams, waste reduction, finding customers, making websites that work, qualifying leads, watching receivables, reducing inventory, finding suppliers, negotiating, working with people, making clients happy and so much more. You may be surprised at the diverse list of industries we've helped - from small shops to international corporations. We are experienced business managers, owners, front line implementers, trainers. So we've likely been where you are and can walk you through the steps, rather than hand you a book, give you a course and leave you to flounder on your own. Count on us when you need results fast. We can help with:


We guide you to identify, articulate and focus on what is most important in the evolution of your company today so you can evolve into what you want to be tomorrow. See HOW we do that here


We believe in the power of systems. Everything you do is part of a system. Everything you do more than 3 times should be documented and systematized - that is how UBER scaled so quickly. We help you systematize your business with tools that scale. See HOW we do that here


We share best practices in marketing, community, product development, operations, human potential and other things that may interest you. See HOW we do that here

So you can spend hours searching on-line, days reading books, weeks trying to solve the problems or months trying to implement ideas. Or you can take a few moments to reach out to us. Then we'll help you fast track success.

We're not big players, so we can't help everyone. We're not dude's with suits that sit around in glass conference rooms all day. We don't want to be all things to all people. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty with your team where the work is done, or simply spend some time with you on the phone to get you over the hump. We're just as comfortable working with your shop electrician as we are in front of your board of directors. Either way, we'll set you on the right course for your business when you reach out to us.










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