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What makes YOUR heart sing?

You know how people just get stuck? Ambitious people stuck in jobs theyíve grown to hate? Leaders stuck moving initiatives forward or worse - letting them drift backward? Owners stuck with businesses that show potential but are not hitting the mark?

I solve this.

I do this with a system that Iíve developed that uncovers why youíre stuck, then provides solid actions and guidance to move forward.

You can jump start your journey by sending me an email at, or Skype calling me at 321-392-0834.

Not ready to reach out yet? Thatís ok - Iíve been where you are. Feel free to browse these pages to find FREE resources to get unstuck. Browse the topics at the right for the one that closely matches your situation.

Here youíll find insight to guide you forward - some lessons learned ó and how you can use this stuff to enable your dreams. Or the dreams of others - as you get older you may find that enabling the dreams of others is even more fun. On this site youíll discover that you can unlock deeper insight when you become a member. Invest - in yourself and your future.

I believe that the time we spend on this planet is far too short to be wasted doing something that simply pays the bills. In my time here, Iím guilty of sacrificing family, friends and personal experiences to build my perception of success. And several times Iíve missed the mark. Experience is what you get when you didnít get what you wanted. When youíre screwing up, and no-oneís saying anything to you about it, it usually means theyíve given up or they just don't care. That means youíve lost your edge. Your edge is energy. You need that energy back.

Chris Gardner, the inspiration behind Will Smithís movie The Pursuit of Happyness defined success: Find something that you love to do so much that you canít wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again. Richard Branson (Virgin) says the more youíre actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel. Re-engage. Get on that horse!

Amy Cuddy says in her Ted Talk that beyond "fake it till you make it", you should fake it till you become it. She shows how tiny tweaks can result in big changes in two minutes. Itís powerful stuff.

Harv Eker explains how get going in his webinar. I recommend viewing it and investing in his course.

Thatís what this website is about. Iím glad you found it. What makes your heart sing? Lets get busy making THAT your new reality.

We can't go back and create a new beginning. But we can start today and create a new ending.





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