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Hi ... It's Norm!


I created this site to make you smarter, happier and richer. Follow or reach out to discover how.

I'm a systems guy. That means I'm pretty good at figuring out how stuff works and identifying that secret sauce to success (or finding where a system breaks down). BTW, there is a system for everything you do. When you smarten up to reach the top of your game, you document that process in step-by-step detail so you can teach others to do it just like you do ... and then improve it. I know; I'm approaching TL;DR

My passion is finding and sharing shortcuts, tricks, hacks, secrets and products that simplify life, inspire action and multiply results.

As the go-to person for tech, websites and digital applications, I specialize in helping folks build, grow, & scale their online presence, reputation and marketing. Reach Out for details.

I climbed that corporate ladder from the shop floor to division leader, spent years travelling as a consultant and implementation specialist; along the way becoming a brick & mortar business owner and enterpreneur.

I share my thoughts, feelings and experiences here.

My hope, through sharing, is that you can avoid the mistakes I made and discover the lessons learned at the school of hard knocks. You don't have to make all the mistakes or do all the work yourself ... learn from others and leverage their efforts to accelerate your success. Make your life easier and get results sooner.

I post about productivity, wisdom, travel, money, investing, relationships, life challenges, random shit that moves me.

You are invited to browse these pages and encouraged to reach out when something connects with you or inspires you.

My home base is currently Winnipeg Manitoba in the center of Canada. I cherish travel; exploring, embracing culture, immersing in the sights, the music and savoring delicious cuisine. You, too can live and work from anywhere you choose. Ask me how.

I invite you to explore and take the scenic route in life a more often! Life is short - take time to enjoy it. If you have a dream (or a bucket list) what the heck is stopping you from doing it - NOW! Just do it!

Life is good when you can slow down, smell the flowers, embrace culture, celebate diversity and be present in the moment. I'm grateful that this makes me happy too.

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