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Hi ... It's Norm!


A systems guy, my passion is sharing shortcuts, tricks, hacks and secrets that simplify life, inspire action and multiply results. I share my thoughts, feelings and experiences here. My hope, by sharing, is that you can avoid the mistakes I learned the hard way, making your life easier and delivering results for you sooner.


I post about productivity, wisdom, travel, money, relationships, life challenges, random shit that moves me.


You are welcome to browse these pages and reach out when something moves you.


I am back in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada after wintering in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
You, too can live and work from anywhere you choose. Ask me how.


i invite you to explore often and take the scenic route in life a more often! Life is short - take time to enjoy it.


Life is good when you can slow down, smell the flowers, embrace culture, celebate diversity and be present in the moment. I'm grateful that this makes me happy too.


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Norm Bain


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